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        In recent years, technology has become increasingly important on the Strategic Road Network (SRN), helping to improve the Customer’s (road user) experience. Technologies are helping to improve road safety, reliability of journey times and providing useful, accurate information to the customer.

         We work with our clients across 70% of the SRN to find and install solutions which can use technology to overcome historical problems or introduce a new way of working. From installation to commissioning, our multi-skilled workforce can operate across all manufacturers of highways technologies, by maintaining a comprehensive training plan and understanding the underlying engineering principles.



         All technology assets on the networks, not on the gantries, need to be installed either in the ground or mounted on poles in the verge. Once the asset has been installed, future maintenance requires that the assets can be accessed safely by engineers. We are experts in altering, dismantling and removing existing asset infrastructure to create a new working environment on any part of the Highway Network.

         All our Civil Engineers are fully conversant with the latest underground asset detection methods, so they can prepare excavations for foundations, install ducts or construct chambers without damaging the existing utility services. 



    Modernising and future-proofing the infrastructure of the Strategic Road Network is at the forefront of the Department of Transport and Highways England agenda.

              By cooperating intensively with Universities, Research Institutions and international ITS providers, we can constantly push the boundaries in the application of emerging technologies to provide pioneering solutions for our clients and the Highways sector. 


          With increasing global demand for Wireless and Fixed Telecom Networks, we provide skilled data and cabling teams to undertake all manner of installations for Highway and Utility networks.We have been operating on the National Road Telecommunication Services (NRTS) contract since its inception and since 2016 have also undertaken work on the BT Fibre to the Premises (FttP) national rollout. 



         With our wealth of expertise we help our clients to integrate assets within the existing built environment to ensure asset optimisation. We make sure that we consider the network capability, the clients delivery expectation, the best-fit engineering solutions and the buildability. 

      Utilising the latest design software and processes allows us to sustain a desirable balance between the wants and needs of our clients. 



      Ensuring that power is brought from the National Grid to Technology assets is a fundamental part of all Technology projects. We are a HERS approved electrical organisation, HEA approved training academy and NICEIC approved contractor. This provides our clients with the satisfaction that all of our Electricians are certificated and approved by recognised authorities. 

        Furthermore, we have developed our own industry recognised Electrical Safe System of Work, which has led to our Electricians being seconded to many of our clients to act as their Electrical Approved Person.



          Our cabling division currently operates across many areas, covering Inter Urban, Urban, Solar and Highways Sectors. Our highly trained and experienced cable installation teams have the capability to install all types of Power and Communication Cables along with Blown Fibre utilising specialist plant, often up to lengths of 2000m per shift.

   Our cabling resources are extremely flexible and can accommodate the challenging environments in which we operate whilst also maintaining our clients  programme and outputs.




        Maintaining, replacing and installing street lights is essential for energy conservation, maintenance reduction and driver safety.

       We specialise in the Project Management of street lighting installation for Major Projects where streetlighting is included in the Technology Package of a project and then directly connecting the assets to the power network.

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